Authorized Metrological Center

KAVALIERGLASS, Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing specified volumetric gauges – volumetric flasks and butyrometers with an unlimited period of validity of verification, pursuant to Order No.345/2002/Coll. These gauges have obtained Certificates of Approval of TCM 131/97-2712 and TCM 131/97-2713 type.

Based on the authorization granted by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ) through Decision No.57/2000, KAVALIERGLASS, Co. Ltd. has been authorized to perform verification of these specified gauges and to mark them using assigned K verification mark with registration number 9.

The Authorized Metrological Center of KAVALIERGLASS, Co. Ltd. is a holder of the certificate of metrological, technological and personal qualifications for specified gauges verification. AMC management and the staff performing verification are holders of relevant professional qualifications certificates.

The AMC has issued its Quality Control Manual, the purpose of which has been to set up a system ensuring uniformity and correctness of specified gauges and their verification to the extent arising from the authorization document and terms and conditions of authorization.

Contact person:

Kavalierglass, a. s.
285 06 Sázava
Sklářská 359
Head of AMC: Ms. Eva Koldcsiterová, Dipl. Eng.
Telephone.: +420 327 550 489
Facsimile: +420 327 321 371
Autorizované metrologické středisko

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