Glass Brussels fountain

Glass Brussels fountain - now in the National Technical Museum in Prague
Famous Brussels fountain that was made in 1958 as proposed by the academic painter Dana Hlobilová is now seeing resurgence in the National Technical Museum in Prague. The fountain consists of an oval pool with stand and glass dishes that originated in the Kavalier Glassworks (now Kavalierglass, Inc.). After its formation the fountain froze many visitors at the Expo 1958 in Brussels, where Dana Hlobilová was awarded honorary diploma for it. From Expo the fountain was moved to the Czechoslovak glass exhibition in Moscow. After this show it disappeared. After being found in 1964, it was installed in the park adjacent to the Art Gallery in Nitra. After all, being found in desperate state, the National Technical Museum in Prague took care of it and renovated the fountain completely. Glass dishes were made ​​in the Kavalier Glassworks in Sázava again.




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