About SIMAX Cookware

SIMAX cookware is suitable not only for cooking, but also for storage in the fridge or freezer. Prep, cook, serve and store all in the same dish!

Transparency of glass allows you to monitor the cooking process, and easily identify leftovers in the fridge.

Please follow the principals of gradual warming and cooling when using this product. Avoid high thermal shocks, as they may cause breakage.

Do not use detergents with coarse particles that can scratch the surface of the glass (such as sand or steel wool), as this may make the product unstable. 

Pressed Glass Products – Casserole Dishes, Roasters, Mixing Bowls

SIMAX Casseroles and bowls are designed for the preparation of food in all kinds of ovens, including microwave and hot air. When baking, do not pour cold liquid on the hot surface, this may cause breakage.

Blown Glass Products – Teapots, Tea Cups, Cooking Pots

SIMAX products made of blown glass can be used on electric, and gas stovetops, as long as the bottom of the piece is the same size as the burner/plate. Never allow flame to envelop the sides of the piece.

If a piece comes with a plastic lid, please remove before reheating. Some plastic lids (where marked) may be used in the microwave.

Do not place cold dishes in a warmed oven, or place warm dishes on cold surfaces. This may cause thermal shock in which breakages could occur.

Do not freeze soups, sauces, beverages and other liquids.

For items with plastic handles, use low heat to avoid damage from heat.

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